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Følgende tekst er på engelsk, da den er fra vores internationale database.

1. Does the software support all previous Windows versions?

The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 but we do not guarantee or support backward compability with Windows Vista and Windows XP.


2. Is the software compatible with magnification software and screen readers from Dolphin, Issist and AiSquared?

Yes, our software is compatible for use together with software from Dolphin v12.03 and forward and AiSquared v10 and forward, on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows based computers.

3. How do I get the latest update of the software? 

LVI has an automatic update function in the software; the user gets the latest update for free via the Internet within the running version. When new versions are released, updates are sold separately.

4. What accessories are available? 

LVI offers three different docking stations: One is with X/Y table in A3 size with friction brakes in both directions, one is with table clamp and the last one is with plate. If you choose a docking station with table clamp or plate you can combine it with the smaller dockable X/Y table MLRT-XY.

5. If my computer doesn’t have an USB3.0 port – will it work?

Yes, the system is backwards compatible with USB2.0 standard, but it will of course limit image quality somewhat. You will get a lower resolution output from camera and lower accuracy level when using OCR software. The system will need 2 x USB2.0 ports to power the unit, instead of one USB3.0. USB2.0 Y-cable can be ordered separately from LVI (product code USB2.0-Y).

6. Is it possible to connect a hardware split box?

Yes, the system is module based and can be connected to a number of other LVI products. Connect the hardware split box to MagniLink S Premium 2 and split the image between the distance camera, reading camera and a monitor/computer. As an option, an external distance camera can be connected as well as a MagniLink S Premium 2 Docking station.


7. Is it possible to capture a snapshot or video?

Yes, pictures can be saved and video with sound can be recorded. This means that the  user can replay a lesson or other important things. Tip; Use Bluetooth based microphone on the teacher to achieve good sound quality when recording in school situations.

8. Can I connect MagniLink S to my Mac or Chromebook?

Yes, the unit will work on Mac-computers, including TTS software. The unit will also work on Chromebook and optional OCR function. 


9. Could the MagniLink S be used without computer?

Yes, it can be connected directly to a monitor/TV through the HDMI connector. The system is then controlled by either the integrated or an external (accessory) control panel.


10. Are all settings retained after reboot?

Yes, if you turn off the system with the on/off button. But if you suddenly pull the cord out or if there is a power outage, the settings will not be saved.

11. Can the integrated control panel be used at the same time as the computer keyboard?

Yes, the controls can be used at the same time, this also applies to the external control panel. However, to shut down the system you have to use the application.

12. Is it possible to connect an interactive whiteboard?

Yes, make sure that the computer connected (not the computer connected to MagniLink S) to the projector is set to 60Hz, to make sure that there is no interference in the camera picture of the whiteboards. Tip; There are also other ways to connect the students PC to interactive whiteboards by software, please contact the LVI support team to find out how to do (support@lvi.se).

13. What to do if I run XP or Vista on my computer?

Upgrade to Windows 7* or later, or buy a new(er) computer (recommended).

14. What to do if I have a monitor with VGA connection?

An adapter cable can be used to connect the MagniLink S Premium 2 to a VGA interface. Though it will cause a considerable loss in image quality. Buying a new monitor is a better solution.

15. Will the TTS software run on a computer with USB2.0?

Yes, if the computer follows recommended requirements (please see MagniLink S Premium 2 manual) it can be used for OCR/Text to speech. Best image quality such as high frame rate and highest possible resolution will however always be best with USB3.0. .

16. Can I use PCMCIA card USB3 to get USB3.0 in a USB2.0 computer in combination with the unit?

We don´t recommend using PCMCIA card. We have tried several computers and we can´t guarantee that it will work. Please use a computer with USB3.0 or use split cable for USB2.0 (see question 5).

17. Can a computer with USB2.0 be used for OCR functionality?

Yes, if the computer (PC or Mac, not Chromebook) follows recommended requirements (please see MagniLink S Premium 2 manual) it can be used for OCR/Text to speech. Best picture quality such as high frame rate and highest possible resolution will however always be best with USB3.0. To access OCR for Chromebook you make an in-app purchase in the MagniLink ChromeViewer app. The OCR feature is then connected to the Google Account used for the purchase. This means that you can use ChromeViewerTM and the OCR function at any Chromebook.  

18. How do I get the software for my Chromebook?

The software for Chromebook, MagniLink ChromeViewer, is easily downloaded from Chrome Web Store.