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MagniLink ChromeViewer TM  is designed for Chromebooks and is easily downloaded from Chrome Web Store.


Link to Chrome Web Store where  you can search for the app MagniLink ChromeViewer TM 




Link directly to the MagniLink ChromeViewer app in Chrome Web Store.



MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 3.0

New features in MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 3.0:

  • OCR is now possible as a one-time in-app purchase:
    - Acquire the OCR package and link your Google Drive account to be able to perform OCR inside ChromeViewer.
    - Select an area directly on the video feed to perform OCR or drag-and-drop images directly into ChromeViewer.
    - Use together with ChromeVox for text-to-speech capabilities.
    - Store sessions for later use.


Bug fixes in MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 3.0:

  • The color of the scroll bar has been adjusted slightly for increased visibility.
  • Fixed minor localization bugs.
  • Improved support for touchscreens.

Known issus in MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 3.0:

  • Using space bar to tick split view modes in application settings will also scroll down if possible.
  • Toggling Always on Top (Ctrl + A) will also in some cases set the window size & location to its previous state.
  • It is possible to make the reference line to move forever by releasing Ctrl before the arrow keys, this also applies to focus distance.
  • Longer video recordings crashes ChromeViewer. This has been reported to Google.
  • Recovering from sleep mode requires the camera to be re-enumerated by pressing 0.


MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 2.0


New features in MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 2.0:

  • New and customizable graphical user interface which allows you to:
    - resize and customize the menu where you can choose which 
      features you want to show.
    - control camera zoom, focus, contrast and lamp brightness levels.
    - set the reference line, rotation, freeze, mirror or always-on-top
    - save snapshots or record videos.
  • Rotation and mirroring are now reflected on snapshots.
  • It is now possible to snapshot a frozen video feed.

Bug fixes in MagniLink ChromeViewerTM 2.0:

  • Recording videos now also records audio if a microphone is available.
  • Recorded videos (.webm) are now searchable.
  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes incorrectly update the video resolution.
  • Fixed minor localization bugs.