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MagniLink Vision HD/FHD

Manual software til PC
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Manual software til PC
Manual software til Chromebook



Følgende tekst er på engelsk, da den er fra vores internationale database.




Følgende tekst er på engelsk, da den er fra vores internationale database.


This trial software for MagniLink S / Pro / Vision / Zip is completely free and fully functional for 30 minutes before you have to restart the program again. Please note that the latest versions will be automatically installed if True Update is activated.

Mac user?
Please download this version:

MagniLink S v 2.3 Full version for Mac                                      

PC user?

MagniLink PCViewer

Below you can download the software MagniLink PCViewer that enalbles your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your PC.


If you don´t have a licensed MagniLink camera the words “Unvalid license” will be present at the screen. After a few minutes the picture will disappear. If you want to test a few more minutes you can restart the camera again.


Choose either the "Full version" for a complete software, including almost all available languages (note that the large file size can cause significant download time) or the "No language version" (best choice for everyone not using a text-to-speech-model).


Users with a Text-to-speech-model can complete the "No language version" with the languages in use, notice that then the OCR Package must be installed.   

  MagniLink PCViewer v Full version PC  

  MagniLink PCViewer v No Language version PC     

  MagniLink PCViewer Arabic language
  MagniLink PCViewer AU English language
  MagniLink PCViewer Belgian Dutch language
  MagniLink PCViewer Bulgarian language
  MagniLink PCViewer CA French language
  MagniLink PCViewer Croatian language
  MagniLink PCViewer Czech language
  MagniLink PCViewer Danish language
  MagniLink PCViewer Dutch language 
  MagniLink PCViewer Finnish language
  MagniLink PCViewer French language
  MagniLink PCViewer German language
  MagniLink PCViewer Greek language
  MagniLink PCViewer Hebrew language
  MagniLink PCViewer Hungarian language
  MagniLink PCViewer Italian language

  MagniLink PCViewer Mexican Spanish language

  MagniLink PCViewer Norwegian language

  MagniLink PCViewer Polish language
  MagniLink PCViewer Portuguese language
  MagniLink PCViewer Romanian language
  MagniLink PCViewer Russian language
  MagniLink PCViewer Slovak language
  MagniLink PCViewer Spanish language
  MagniLink PCViewer Swedish language
  MagniLink PCViewer Turkish language
  MagniLink PCViewer UK English language
  MagniLink PCViewer US English language
  MagniLink PCViewer OCR Package






























MagniLink PCViewer - updates in version

New features

  • Tooltips in the menu now displays the shortcut keys.
  • It is now possible to change the color of the reference line in the EUC-tab.
  • It is now possible to enlarge and navigate in the OCR-picture.
  • More possibilities for navigating in quiet mode.
  • Possible to hide the application by Ctrl + H when running it together with ZoomText or SuperNova. If SuperNova or ZoomText is not active, Ctrl + H will hide the ribbon instead.
  • Possible to paste text into the program by Ctrl + V.
  • Possible to control the pan/tilt of a distance camera.
  • Possible to save OCR result as a sound file (.wav).
  • The application will display a message if the camera is licensed for a feature but the corresponding component is not installed.
  • PCViewer now gives feedback when using the keys to change volume and speech rate.

Bug fixes 

  • F12 now open the Norwegian instead of the English manual when the application language is Norwegian.
  • Application no longer switches from Norwegian to English when accessing the application settings.
  • Default-buttons now works correctly.
  • Program now works better when connected to a USB2 port.
  • Possible to zoom etc. in the menu with the space key.
  • Text in the ribbon-buttons now aligns better.
  • Improved accuracy for Arabic text.
  • Mouse click no longer starts speech in quiet mode.
  • The hotspot of the mouse cursor is changed from (5,5) to (0,0).
  • SAPI voices now works correctly.
  • Better coloring in the OCR image modes.
  • The application now remembers its position after a restart.
  • The application now saves the camera resolution.
  • Load profile now updates the graphical user interface (GUI) correctly.
  • Improved stability together with ZoomText.
  • Improved stability together with SuperNova.


End User Configuration Software 

A configuration program that can individually modify the settings according to the user, for ex magnification (max min), guiding line (colour thickness), curtains, lighting, grey scale and artificial colours. Finding specific settings or sometimes removing functions will facilitate both for the user and the low vision therapist/trainer. This is a free software from LVI. 
You will need a USB cable (standard-A plug and standard B-plug) to transfer the EUC software to your MagniLink Vision. The EUC software and the cable can be ordered from LVI.

End User Configuration Software          Size  Download

EUC version 2.1.8 (Zip-file)

67 MB     


MagniLink Vision Split Plug in

Access all desktop even in split mode when running ZoomText or SuperNova.

MagniLink Vision Split plug in                Size       Download
Vision Split plug in (.exe file) 3 MB



MagniLink Vision


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